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Gotye’nin geçtiğimiz Ağustos’ta çıkan ‘Making Mirrors’ albümündeki favorilerimizden ; ‘Don’t Worry We’ll Be Watching You’

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  1. Quba Michalski


    You might have noticed the video has been taken down on YouTube. The reason is quite simple: the band Gotye stole/plagiarized the original content. They took an independent film entitled “Nuit Blanche” and simply cut it to their liking.

    After seeing such a blatant thievery of creative content, I had no choice to inform Spy Films (the authors of the original) and they immediately took legal action against it.

    It may be a good idea to replace the content in this post with the original work. You may find it at:

    There also is a cool making-of video, which you can find here:

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